Mar 13, 2010

A start has been made on a list of punishments over time with a brief introduction and links to further information. I’m keen to include examples of local peculiarities in this list. For example, in Halifax, where I teach, there was a ‘Gibbet’ in use from the 12th to 17th century. This gibbet wasn’t a cage as you’d expect from the name but a device not too sissimilar to the Guillotine. Please send any local examples via e-mail, or add them as comments on this post.

Also – several additions to the teachers resources page.

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I’ve uploaded 20 presentations created by Nicky Boughey for use in enrichment clubs / masterclasses. These are a great way of engaging pupils and are ideal for extra curricular or lunchtime clubs. There are links for additional information and in the coming weeks a write up about each person / event will be added. The presenations could be used with pupils in either KS3 or KS4.


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Thanks to Lesley Anne for the first contributions to the site.

These are:

A set of teaser cards for use on options evenings. Looks like a great idea which I’ll be borrowing for the medicine site as well! The cards are located on the teachers resource page.

Introductory guides to each period of time studied. Really helpful guides to the main features of each period of time with examples of how features of that period are still relevant today. These are located in the teachers resource section – the first download in each period.

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